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Our concept of corporate culture

At Epos Bistrot, we believe in people.
In their value, in what makes them unique and irreplaceable.

We believe in the importance of a work environment where ambition and the desire to grow are constant.

At Epos Bistrot, ambition counts

We are looking for employees who dream of becoming business owners. Are you a novice cook or waiter? Do you want to have your own restaurant one day? Then you’re the person we’re looking for.

If you think you have the right attitude, come to Epos Bistrot to work and improve your professionalism at the same time For the first few years, you will do your best and take the best from us.

When you are ready, we will help you find another workplace different from ours or we will give you the necessary advice to open your own business.


The doors of Epos Bistrot are open to talent

We are looking for talented candidates to be included in the kitchen and dining room staff. What are you waiting for?