A cuisine dedicated to the territory

At the service of typical local products

Epos Bistrot’s cuisine

Dishes that are beautiful to look at and delicious to eat

Our cuisine tells the story of tradition: dishes that have made the history of our country and dishes with novel flavors that surprise the palate with innovative techniques.

The entire cuisine, including lunch, aperitif and dinner, is designed in combination with the wines we have produced or selected.

Italian cuisine for Gourmets

Cooked dishes, grilled meat and cheese and cured meat tastings

Epos Bistrot offers gourmet cuisine in a universal language, which is the result of the combination of products from the Lazio area and selected seasonal ingredients.
It is the synthesis of the perfect encounter between garden, land and sea.

The fish comes mainly from the nearby Lazio coasts, from trusted suppliers, while for vegetables we rely on local producers.

Quality ingredients

The best selected meats

To complete the refined food and wine offering, the meat comes from animals raised in a semi-wild state.

On the large open grill in the main dining room, fuelled by the wood from the same olive grove that produces the oil served on the table, the best meats from all over the world are cooked: Marchigiana, Phenomena, Simmenthal, Black Angus, Galician, Swami, Asturian and our own Chianina or Fiorentina.

At Epos, these meats reach their maximum expression, thanks to the barbecue and the dry ageing system.

Deliciously cured meats and cheeses

Another strong point is the wide range of cheeses and cured meats collected in the interests of taste, such as Jamon Iberico, Capocollo di Martina Franca and Fiocco di Nero Casertano.

Then there are the cheeses, including locally produced dairy products, caciocavallo podolico cheeses from Apulia and a selection of the best national and foreign cheeses chosen by the specialised De Gustibus network.

We also like to turn our hands to pasta (literally): that’s why our bread and pasta are produced by us.

“Epos = a story of local products, but also of excellent products from other Italian regions and from the rest of the world. Taste has no boundaries and if something is delicious it must be included at my Restaurant”

Rossella Macchia