Grilled meat in Castelli Romani

Large indoor visible grill

Grilled meat paired with zero-km wines

A perfect pairing

After creating the Poggio le Volpi winery, producer of Baccarossa and Donnaluce, Felice Mergè dedicated himself to catering and together with Rossella Macchia they created Epos Bistrot.

The best Italian and international meats are grilled on Epos’s large open grill, fuelled with wood from the family olive grove, within a true and authentic cuisine that is connected to the region.

The same meat reaches its maximum expression thanks to being hung using the “dry ageing” system and cooked on the grill: the secrets of Epos Bistrot steaks, renowned throughout Rome.

Great red wines call for great grilled steaks, for a perfect pairing.

Epos Bistrot

A must for beef steak lovers

Epos is a real temple of meat, selected from all over the world through research that takes place between farms and ethical breeding companies.

Thus, in the large visible grill in the main dining room, fuelled with wood from the same olive grove that produces the oil served on the table, the best meats that have been hung for a long period of time are cooked.

Marchigiana, Phenomena, Simmenthal, Black Angus, Galician, Swami, Asturian and our native Chianina or Fiorentina find in Epos Bistrot new, intense and bold flavours on the grill of Epos Bistrot to delight the palates of carnivores and non-carnivores alike.

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